May 29, 2024

Written by Shauna Devlin.

British Techno talent BEC talks to us about her favourite venues, her latest EP, mixing technique, and more.

Following a mammoth debut on ARTCORE Records with her single ‘Loca’ in March, British talent BEC continues her rich vein of form with another underground gem.

Returning to her staple home of Factory 93, the Berlin-based talent teases her forthcoming EP with the release of its first single ‘Be Here Now’. A staunch contributor to the LA-born imprint, BEC’s latest offering follows her well-received 2023 EPs ‘Phantasy’ and ‘Stereoscopic’.

Following on in similar form, BEC’s latest record is a high-octane techno cut born from the influences of Berlin’s storied club culture and pays homage to the city’s lust for high BPM sets. Seamlessly blending old-school rave-ready synth work with modern production values, BEC curates a heady web of percussive intricacies that drive the rhythm forward.

Bolstered by its beckoning vocal line and BEC’s soft melodic nuances, the single lends itself to those after-hours moments. It’s a testament to BEC’s mastery of the genre and her ability to transport audiences to sonic bliss, both on and off the dancefloor.

Factory 93 · BEC – Be Here Now

Hey BEC, thanks for taking the time to come and speak with us. Following the success of your set at Essigfabrik – how do you think it went?

Honestly, it was one of my favourite shows in the last few years. Really cool to see independent promoters smashing it and putting on top-tier events. The production, lighting and booth setup were all super nice. 

Following on from such a high, what can we look forward to as Spring/Summer approaches?

I’m kicking the Summer off, closing one of the big stages (Stereobloom) at EDC in Vegas on May 18th. I really cannot wait for that. I think it’s going to be one of the biggest crowds I’ve played for. After that, I’m off to Australia in early June for a tour of the main cities! Then I’m playing Fabric Room One in London alongside Indira Paganotto. It’s always a special club for me, as my early club days as a raver were in London! The rest of the Summer is filled with more weekends in the US, Ibiza, Italy, France and more. It will be a good one!

You’ve played in some pretty incredible venues during your journey as an artist. Which venue stood out to you the most and why?

My first time in Colombia back in 2018 was incredible! I played Baum club in Bogota where they have a real tree dominating part of the dance floor! I then went on to play their festivals in Medellin and Bogota, which were so surreal. I love the Latin energy! 

Fabric London is always a very special club location for me. It’s where I grew up raving, so being able to play Room One, on the top-notch sound system is always an absolute delight. I’ve played in a small wooden boat on the beach in Northern Peru, the desert in Burning Man (US & Africa), the jungle in Colombia, and many cities worldwide. I’m so lucky. 

We’ve watched your sets numerous times and your style of mixing is one of a kind. Could you describe your style?

Sure! I like to describe it as remixing on the fly. I play across three decks and focus on creative mixing. I don’t have a planned set list, sometimes I have the first and last track. I really like to still see DJing as an art form. Each experience is different, and I like the old-school values of being a “disc jockey”. Adapting to the crowd in each setting whilst still bringing your own sound, digging deep and playing unusual tracks that add an element of surprise is still a rewarding experience for me. When playing across three decks, I use loops during almost every point in my set, and I like to craft unique sounds with different parts of each track intertwining with the other! 

Your production has been developing from strength to strength, we love how experimental you can be in the studio. Can you share the inspiration behind your style?

I love being experimental! Sometimes, I’ll be making 150 BPM breaks, and other days I’ll be making ambient music that’s synth-based only. I often just create what I feel like in the moment, captivating how I feel each day in the studio. 

Congratulations on the new EP! Could you tell us more about the creative process behind the release? What can we expect? 

Thank you so much 🙂 Two tracks will be released as singles in the lead-up to the full release. The title track “Be Here Now” which came out last week, is all about staying present and trying to get into a high vibration, as the title eludes to. 

The next track is called Retox, which is out June 21st. It’s super stripped yet simple too. Like a club track, but with a sinister vibe. Then there are two more tracks to drop with the EP, one is super experimental and uses a roll of kick drums that I pitched and adjusted using my TR8-S drum machine. I can’t wait to have this music out in the world, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did making it!

Music aside, we want to know a little more about YOU as a person. What do you like doing in your spare time?

I have quite a solid morning routine, which includes incredible fresh coffee – I grind the beans first thing each morning. Then I go to my usual morning meditation spot, light some Salo Panto and meditate for 15-30 minutes. Then I workout, something high-intensity! I LOVE food, so I’m always looking at new restaurants to check out and going with friends around the city or wherever I’m visiting.

I love to chill with people I love and I’m lucky to have lots of close friends, so usually my spare time is spent with them, often geeking out with similar interests at art galleries, conferences, etc etc!

What’s next for you? 

Lots more coming on my label very soon, EMBARGO! It’s focused on collaborations, and there are lots in the pipeline, particularly featuring some exciting female artists, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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